Timothy Langholz
 American Studio Art Pottery                                                                   At the Show
View from the Booth
     Being at the show, is a very exciting time!  After a long winter in the shop, working quietly  and alone, finally surrounded by hundreds of interesting  artists, and thousands of excited and eager patrons, is a thrill that is hard to compare.
      I enjoy watching the day unfold. It usually starts early, runs late, and is quite the marathon of a variety of interesting events. Even in the largest urban settings, we are still closely in touch with the natural elements of the weather. Damp and cold, or hot and bright, sometimes all in the same day.
      I find nothing more interesting than the interactions with all the people throughout the day.  Of course the patrons have priority, but the show directors, volunteers, law enforcement, parking lot attendants, local merchants, and the food and drink vendors all deserve proper attention.      
talking with customer
bayfield blow down 2006     Late in July, 2006, at the Bayfield Wisconsin Festival of the Arts, we were provided with some unwelcome excitement. The previous night strong storms had tracked through the area, and we greeted the gray and drizzly morning with hope that the  worst had passed.  
     The chatter among the artists was that the overcast skys would soon be clearing.  With the intention of providing a good first impression, we were all drying our displays, and setting out our work.  
     Within minutes, extremely heavy rain and  straight-line  winds approaching 100 m.p.h. were upon us.  I stupidly assumed there was to be a few big puffs, as the front moved through, and so I initially stayed with my work, in my tent.  When I found myself on the ground using my whole body to hold my tent, I realized it was time to flee.  As I ran for the nearest building, my glasses were torn from my face, and I heard my booth collapse to the ground.